Wolfies Bindery (Review)

As a lifelong user of sketchbooks, journals, diaries, and “Idea Books,” I have collected, procured, and hoarded many, many blank books. I write ideas, short stories, longer stories, and I draw… a lot. I have patronized many binderies in my time, but this is the first time I have reviewed and wholeheartedly endorsed a particular bindery. And to be clear, I have not received any book, coupon, discount, etc. for this review. You can find Wolfies Bindery on Etsy, and I hope you do find Wolfies Bindery, owned and operated by Robin Chevalier, and buy from her.

My first purchase from Wolfies was a creamy graph-lined paper journal, with marbled paper boards and a brown cloth spine. It is glorious.

I have the tendency to associate blank books/journals/sketchbooks with a particular project, written or artistic. This particular journal is used for my graphic novel project Shakespeare Jung, which is set in the 1890s, so I wanted something brownish, antique-like. The cream paper goes perfectly.

I then acquire pens that also go along with the color scheme, so browns, dark oranges, maybe a black or gray, but I keep the pens together and use them really only for that journal. I made my second purchase just a week ago. I am taking an online course on Greek and Roman Mythology, and I had already gotten several textbooks that were dark red, and maroon in color, so I knew I wanted  something in that color family. But also, I wanted something that would match the content. This newest journal is perfect. It has wave-like swirls in its marbled paper that reminds me of dangerous whirlpools faced by intrepid Greek heroes.

The paper of Wolfies bindery is of high quality. I used ink marker/pens, India ink with steel nibs, and the paper holds the ink well, and it does not show through much when you turn the other side. I have all but given up on regular paper Moleskine journals, because I can only use one side of the paper, and the watercolor Moleskines are very overpriced. Wolfies uses traditional book-binding techniques. They are made to last, and they are beautiful.

And even the thank you cards are hand-crafted.

If you appreciate fine craftsmanship, good paper, solid construction, and great customer service, please checkout Wolfies Bindery. They offer blank, lined, and graph paper journals, wine journals, recipe books, music notebooks, and much, much more.